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Portion 14 of Paardefontein,
Pretoria, Gauteng,
South Africa,


We started in December 2014 as a hobby with a simple one-page website not knowing where this journey will lead.

This hobby grew so much over the past few years that today it’s not just a hobby anymore but a full-time job, not only for me but my wife as well.

The knowledge I gained on this journey is what made me confident to start this business. I know that what I do today has an impact not just on my clients but the net as well. It’s my passion not only to grow my client’s businesses but to grow with them. Because we started out as an after hour business we grew and learnt with each client.  As this made us realise the importance of improving and learning every new thing with each client.

Today we are proud to say that we still care about our small one-pager clients, but we have learnt so much that we are confident to build and grow with our more challenging  10+ page clients.